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LB-LWB1.5-5x80R, Compressor-cooled, outdoor water cooler, 3 taps

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LB-LWB1.5-5x80R 35AN is great for you if you plan to buy a cooler home, and you have small and curious children. The hot water button here is equipped to protect young children from hot water. This protection works as a lock that is released after holding the water button for 5 seconds. Your children are safe now!

Hot, normal and cold water
3 taps, with child lock
R134a compressor cooling
Stainless steel water tanks SUS304
silicon water outlet pipes
Cooling capability 2L/h, 5-10℃
Heating capability 5L/h, 85-95℃
Size: 335 X 370 X 1025 mm
Certificate: CB, CE, SASO
Weight 19 kg

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