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Why “Viaţă Bună”

Our slogan is: “Better water for a better life”.

Our mission is to inspire healthier homes through pure and better water. We are committed to provide high-quality water for their homes. We’re working to help families drink more water, better water, every day because “Viaţă Bună” is one decision towards a lifetime of health.

Choose Better Water

Water quality is a common concern among many families.

For your health and well-being, “Viaţă Bună” 10 steps purification process removes or significantly reduces the presence of:

Create Healthy Habits

With instant access to ice cold, piping hot, or room temperature water, “Viaţă Bună” makes it easy for your family to reach for a healthier choice.

Water is essential for our lives:

Enjoy Convenience

Choose from dispenser options in a variety of styles and finishes or fill your own bottle at our Self-Service Refill Station, located on the following address: 35 M. Sadoveanu street, Baltsy city. “Viaţă Bună” makes it easy and affordable to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Help Reduce Waste

Drinking “Viaţă Bună” water proves friendly attitude to the environment, as it substitutes for the water in pet plastic bottles, thus reducing household waste.

35 M. Sadoveanu str., Beltsy, MD-3100, Hot line 14 020