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The use of a dispenser offers a very hygienic way of water consumption.

Cleansing is necessary and useful because, over time, impurities, bacteria and limescale can accumulate in the tanks of the dispenser, which affects the quality of bottled water.

„Viață Bună” feels responsible for the health of people, so we use the most powerful disinfectants that destroy coli bacilli, streptococci, dysentery bacilli, hepatitis A and B viruses and other harmful bacteria or viruses.

Cleansing is a service recommended by “Viață Bună” to its clients, which consists of the complete cleaning and disinfection of the dispenser, both inside and outside. This procedure is carried on only in a specialized workshop for the maintenance and repair of dispensers. It is a complex cleansing technique that is performed with detergent and industrial professional disinfectants, which have two major effects: removing the limescale, dirt and biofilm from the water tanks and from the hoses and the bacteriological disinfection.

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