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Quality Assurance

The treatment and purification plant for «Viață Bună» water was designed and manufactured by the engineers of «Chriwa GmbH» company (Germany).

«Viață Bună» operates a modern, automated manufacturing facility that adheres to the standards of local and international authorities. Our water goes through stringent testing in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

We work for the people and we want our service to make a positive contribution in their lives. We know that we wear a full responsibility for their health, that is why we intend our products and services to be of high quality and meet the international standards. This is attested by the quality management certificate according to ISO 9001 and food safety management system certificate, according to ISO 22000 which guarantees compliance with the highest standards of water quality and water supply service in water cooler system.

The right balance

Water hydrates and helps replenish lost nutrients. Viaţă Bună’s balanced mineral composition revitalizes and nourishes your body, so you lead a healthy and purposeful lifestyle. In addition to many health benefits, this right balance of essential minerals gives “Viaţă Bună” water a unique soft and smooth taste.

The purified flat drinking water “Viaţă Bună” has a balanced content of minerals: calcium (17.2 mg/l), sodium (78.9 mg/l), potassium (2 mg/l) with a pH of 7.21. The “Viaţă Bună” water does not change the taste of the prepared beverages and food, and it is recommended for all the people, regardless of age, including children and babies.

Find out the latest news.

Viață Bună purified drinking water comes now in a newly updated packaging design.

The assortment includes non-carbonated and carbonated Viață Bună water. Available in volumes of 0.5 l and 1.5 l. Take your favorite water with you!


We began with a simple idea: "Let's create a bottled water to help people from our community get clean water." We felt compelled to change the situation, because the majority of people from our community in Baltsy lack clean water access, and the problem affects children and needy population most. By providing purified high-quality water "Viaţă Bună" we are helping children, needy population and our community.

Dumitru Guţu General Manager J.V. "BEERMASTER" J.S.C.


As a reliable brand, «Viaţă Bună» offers your family convenient ways to live healthier and save money.

Enjoy instant access to cold, piping hot, or room temperature water with a “Viaţă Bună” Water Dispenser. From affordable hand pumps to premium full-size dispensers, we offer a variety of styles and finishes to perfectly complement your home or office.



“Viață Bună” has a department, specializing in the repair and maintenance of dispensers that solve any type of malfunction. If necessary, the visit to the office or residence of our client is free of charge and the service is quick and efficient.

If the malfunction cannot be coped with, you are to be granted another dispenser for the period of the service not to be affected by its absence.

Service is free during the contract period for the dispensers belonging to the company and during the warranty period for the customers that have purchased the dispensers. We charge for the service in case of the expiry of the warranty period or in case the malfunction is caused by the incorrect use of the dispenser.


The use of a dispenser offers a very hygienic way of water consumption.

Cleansing is necessary and useful because, over time, impurities, bacteria and limescale can accumulate in the tanks of the dispenser, which affects the quality of bottled water.

„Viață Bună” feels responsible for the health of people, so we use the most powerful disinfectants that destroy coli bacilli, streptococci, dysentery bacilli, hepatitis A and B viruses and other harmful bacteria or viruses.

Cleansing is a service recommended by “Viață Bună” to its clients, which consists of the complete cleaning and disinfection of the dispenser, both inside and outside. This procedure is carried on only in a specialized workshop for the maintenance and repair of dispensers. It is a complex cleansing technique that is performed with detergent and industrial professional disinfectants, which have two major effects: removing the limescale, dirt and biofilm from the water tanks and from the hoses and the bacteriological disinfection.

Choose your water

High-quality, purified water is available at our refill station, located on the 35 M. Sadoveanu street, mun.Bălți.

Self-Service Refill Water

Available at our “Viaţă Bună” Self-Service Refill Water center, „Viață Bună”. is an affordable way to enjoy high-quality, great-tasting water. Using a 10-step purification process, we ensure that you enjoy the refreshing taste of „Viață Bună” water every time you fill your bottle.


Supply of “Viaţă Bună” flat purified drinking water is free of charge and prompt.

We build partnerships based on trust and respect; therefore “Viață Bună” water delivery is free of charge, always fast and quick, in 24 hours from the time of order or according to the schedule worked out together with our client.

Water is delivered in sealed containers and is transported by special machines.

Bottled water

A convenient option for your home or office, the 19 liters purified «Viață Bună» water bottle is hygienically sealed and economically priced.
Your favorite «Viață Bună» water is also available in a 6-liter convenient sized bottle.

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Home or office, we want your favourite bottled water to always be within your reach. That’s why you can opt to have our water bottle delivered to your doorstep. Pure and hygienically sealed, the “Viaţă Bună” water bottle is economically priced for your convenience.

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